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Resurrection is the complete restructuring line for the hair fiber, born to regenerate hair deeply and in the long term. It reactivates the primordial beauty of hair thanks to its precious, active ingredients, reinforcing it and making it stronger, thick and silky. Its intense anti-age action heals hair giving it a shiny and bright effect. Your hair will be softer, disciplined and strong. It also gives volume and nourishment and contrasts the formation of free radicals that are responsible for the hair ageing, preventing the deterioration.



Regenerating and restructuring shampoo for the hair fiber, it restores the youth of deconstructed, ruined, treated, dry and dehydrated hair. It improves the hair manageability. It regenerates deeply and continuoUsly from the first application, improving the structure of the hair.


Wet your hair with water, the apply uniformly and leave on hair a few minutes. Rinse and repeat if it’s necessary.


    Shampoo with an absolute pureness, formulated to cleanse deeply hair and scalp from impurities.it eliminates the residuals of gel, wax, hair spray, pollution, etc. It prepares hair to other treatments.


Wet your hair with water and apply uniformly, then leave on it a few minutes. Rinse and repeat if it’s necessary.




Leave in cream with an absolute silkiness, detangles hair immediately, improves the manageability, deeply hydrates without weighing hair down. The cream repairs and protects hair and prevents the formation of split ends. It protects from the use of hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs, and maintains the hydration improving the structure of the hair since the first applications.


Apply the appropriate amount of product on damp hair, wait some second, then comb it and proceed with the hair set.



Hydrating mask for a deep regeneration and reconstruction. It restructures the fiber making hair softer, shinier, bright and silky. It helps to maintain the hydration of the hair fiber. It gives an intense nourishment without weighing hair down: on the contrary it gives thickness and improves the manageability and combability. Suitable for all the stressed, treated, ruined hair. Good also for the after color treatment or after the bleaching. It keeps shininess and improves the colour’s duration. It stimulates the hair healing improving the look from the first application.


Apply a generous dose of mask on the hair. Let it on 5-15 minutes under a heat source or with a hairnet (depending on the hydration you want to give to hair). Rinse accurately.



Intensive treatment for a deep regeneration and reconstruction of the hair. Its protein composition modifies the hair structure treating the fiber. It gives a healthier and harmonious look to hair and domesticates the mane by making it softer and silky for 2-4 weeks. It defines curly hair and makes wavy hair less frizzy; it gives nourishment also to very treated or dry hair. Its extreme efficacy lasts long, and its benefits are clear from the first applications.

HOW TO USE (salon only):

See the treatment’s catalogue.


Dilute the vial with 20ml of hot water. Apply on wet hair, comb and distribute uniformly. Let it on for 10/15 minutes under a heat source or with a hairnet. Rinse accurately with little water. Proceed with the hair set



Restructuring oil for dry, treated, ruined hair. Suitable for all hair even straight or wavy. It reduces the formation of split ends and reduces the time of drying during the hair set. It makes hair shinier, bright, soft and silky without weighing hair down. You can apply it every time you need on dry or wet hair


Apply generously on wet hair before the hair set or on dry hair for a touch of brightness and hydration. Good also before and after the solar exposure.




Spray rich in a high concentration of minerals salts, it penetrates deeply the hair sealing on it inner all the nourishment that’s needed for a complete regeneration. Its different ways of use make it a product that’s unique. Its efficacy is evident since the first application.

HOW TO USE (salon only):

See the treatment’s catalogue.


After the shampoo towel-dry your hair, spray Cupido on it abundantly and let in on a few minutes. Don’t rinse, and apply miracle mask

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